One of the things that I would definitely like to speak about is incorporating Sea Moss aka Irish Sea Moss aka Jamaican Sea Moss into your financial life as a business structure.  

During the pandemic when everything came to a halt, as a single mother of four I had to figure out a way to make ends meet.  My job as a court reporter had laid us all off and that is when I was extremely blessed to start my journey selling sea moss gel on Etsy.  Believe it or not, as soon as I started the business I actually got a dropshipping contract from a very big company on the internet within days.   If you're not familiar with dropshipping and being the one that dropships, it's basically when you have the product and you distribute the product for another person or company.  They get the customers and you fulfill the orders and send them out.  I actually gave such a good deal that they sent us so many customers.   Due to the amount of orders I actually gave him a 30% discount and free shipping and he was charging for shipping.

I was actually selling over $4,000 a week the following week in sea moss gel from the start and that was just the beginning.  I was also selling a lot on Etsy and my own website which was just kind of just getting off of the ground.  We got so busy and overwhelmed that we had to scale down.  It was moving so fast that we actually had to let the dropshipping company go, due to the inability to come to an agreement on shipping charges and packaging.  It started to get really expensive.  

But if you do want a side business or a main business, I think it's a great way to make extra money or use as your main income.  The only thing is that if you do decide that you want it as a main income, I do recommend preparing to spend quite a bit in marketing.

We do speak more in depth about "making money with "Sea Moss Gel" in new my Ebook, which you can purchase on my website for only $5.99 titled "Sea Moss For Dummies."  This book not only explains the business structure but it also advises you of the health benefits, uses, recipes and origin.  

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