• The Healing Vibrations of Water and Structured Water

    The power of water is undeniably proven throughout ages! From human needs to health. And it has to be asserted that water is a natural extension of...
  • The Truth About Water

    Water is an amazing substance , it controls the movement and conduction of energy and information transfers and storage, and although it is one of the longest and most studied substances on our planet  it remains a mystery to most. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who can tell you Water is the mechanism of action for the Law of Attraction, or that Water is a fractal antenna computing energy and consciousness to manifest and determine the expression of your DNA. Water is older than life itself, is honored and told in every religion and ancient text ever. What makes Water so special? Well Water is a liquid crystal and since Water is a liquid crystal , rather than a solid-state crystal such as quartz or ruby, it has the ability to change and alter its geometric pattern formation. This means that certain circumstances - namely environment, consciousness, and different energy frequency stimuli, encourage water to form or change a repeating and geometric pattern of organization and arrangement of its molecules in its flexible response to stimuli and energy of all kinds. Depending on the stimuli or energy to which it was exposed, the structural patterns in the water will change into either high crystallographic form with greater symmetry and geometric complexity, or it will degrade its structure into more disorder and display a loss of geometric complexity and symmetry. Those energies are either 'healthy' which will improve the water's structure (which is beneficial) or " unhealthy" which will degrade the water's structure.  We as humans are 99% structured and crystallographic water. Most peopler dont know that healthy cells traditionally have a positive frequency, and unhealthy cells have a negative frequency. What is frequency? Frequency is a specific electromagnetic or energy wave pattern . When Water is exposed to certain frequencies such as 528 hz (frequency of love and manifestation) it just like a crystal resonates, and works at that frequency. Lets say water is exposed to a harmful frequency such as 440 hz , that's equivalent to getting a crystal that brings hate, negativity and terrible things into your life . If we as human drink a traditional bottled water we have no clue what harmful things that water has been thru between mass production, bottling process, 9/10 it's not resonating at a 528 hz, but lets say you get a bottle of Frequency water which is bottled in a small facility with love, vibrated with love and talked through the entire process with love, your 99% structured water body will receive all of that great, positive information, and your cells with adapt to the vibration of the Freequency water. Freequency water is vibrated at frequencies which the human body thrives in, not just indulging but sound therapy also. We can change our lives by drinking water because we are water, what we eat is water, everything has to use water to be created one way or another. Why not use water as the crystal it is and benefit our life, our minds, our energies, our confidence, and make our wildest dreams come true beyond imagination, by drinking Freequency water.
  • Sea Moss Benefits Inspired by Dr. Sebi

  • How to introduce Sea Moss gel into your daily routine!

    Authentic guacamole:

    2 ripe avocados 

    1/2 minced organic tomato

    1/3 minced red onion

    1/2 key lime 

    1 tbsp of Sebi Holistic Garden’s Original Sea Moss Gel

    1 tsp of chili powder

    1 tsp of paprika

    2 tsp of Himalayan salt

    1 tsp of garlic powder

    1 tsp of American Spice Sazon (my favorite)

    1 tsp of pepper

    1 bag or tortilla chips


    Get a bowl and wash off all veggies/ fruits!

    Cut open avocado and take out seed

    Cut 1/2 key lime and juice on to avocado 

    Cut 1/2 of tomato (save remainder) and put in bowl

    Cut 1/3 of onion (save remainder) and put in bowl

    Scoop 1 tbsp of Sebi Holistic Garden’s Original Sea Moss Gel and put in bowl

    Throw all seasonings in bowl and stir until you get a nice creamy texture!

    Serve is with tortilla chips and enjoy!

  • Delicious Vegan Veggie Pasta

    Ingredients: 16 oz your favorite pasta 2 lbs fresh cherry tomatoes or 2 cans of stewed tomatoes 1/2 onion 1 red pepper 1 green pepper 2 cloves...