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Organic Golden Sea Moss Gel

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Feature & Description:

This listing is for a 16-ounce jar of Irish Sea Moss Gel. This item is made to order.

Benefits of Sea Moss Gel:

This Food is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, providing 92 out of 102 minerals that the body needs...

* Anti-aging 

* Builds Immune System

* Fights off Radiation

* Fights off Cold

* Rids the body of Mucus

* Anti-Inflammatory

* Anti-viral

* Improves thyroid

* Energy Booster

* Mood Booster

* Can be added to mostly all recipes

What is Sea Moss? It's actually a form of algae or seaweed that has a wide range of health benefits because it is high in minerals that the human body is composed of, therefore needs to be replenished daily. Often referred to as a "Superfood", Sea Moss is also well known for it's natural antiviral/antimicrobial properties, fights radiation due to high level of iodine.

This product is made with authentic, wild-crafted Chondrus Crispus, a sea vegetable grown exclusively in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and is certified organic, grown by licensed harvesters, pollutant-free.

Irish Sea Moss Gel can be added to drinks, smoothies, jellies, sorbet, soups, sauces, etc, or eaten alone by the spoonful (my favorite).


Organic Sea Moss Gel Ingredients: Spring water, Chondrus Crispus (Sea Moss)...

Package Included:

1* Irish Sea Moss Gel - Golden Organic