Thank you for visiting us at Sebi Holistic Garden.  We here at Sebi Holistic Garden put our customers first.  We have taken great precautions to prevent any spread of the Covid-19  throughout our facility.  We have had to increase our standards to a much higher level of integrity to preserve our love that we have for our clients.

So not only do we provide several products to keep your immune system strong during this crisis with the Sea Moss, Elderberry, Bladderwrack and Soursop leaves and other products, we also have implemented several other precautions.  As soon as all of our mason jars enter our facility everything is sterilized.  All Sea Moss is thoroughly cleaned, soaked and cleaned.  All of our staff is now required to wear masks, gloves and hair nets.

We strive to maintain a high integrity and great relationship with our clients and in doing so, we strive to insure that all clients feel confident partnering with us and resting assured that we would never put their health or public safety at risk.

We appreciate you all and thank you so much for your business and time.



Tiya, CEO

Sebi Holistic Garden