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Chakra Healing Freequency Water

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Chakra Healing Frequency Water brings healing, activation, and balancing to the 7 main chakras (Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra) to make you more aligned with your life purpose, your goals, and many more miraculous things will change for the better ! Drinking just  1 singular bottle of Freequency water a day, will raise your vibration at such that you may actually feel a vibration through your body INSTANTLY, a huge surge of energy, happiness, and clear thinking ! Don't believe me? Our competitors are charging $35 for 1 16 oz bottle of this miraculous water , BUT you can get your healing Freequency water as low as $5 dollars that's that less than a 1/5 of what the competitors are offering, BUT with more benefits ! Read below to see what each Freequency does for the body !
  • 228 Hz Root Chakra  centers, grounds, and improves energy and vigor, increases feeling of security and safety in your life, helps improve organization and self discipline, 
  • 303 Hz Sacral Chakra improves mood and increases positive feelings, build and improve sociability and sensuality, self-worth realization, confidence, improves creativity and emotional expression.
  • 182 Hz Solar Plexus Chakra increases self esteem and vitality, helps improve pancreatic problems, improves mood, mental clarity and increases optimistic thoughts, helps in developing self-control and awareness, 
  • 128 Hz Heart Chakra helps deal with issues of love, jealousy, anger, trust, compassion, and belonging, also helps in dealing with grief, divorce, emotional abuse and abandonment. Improves any problems associated with thymus gland.   Heart Chakra also helps in alleviation of breathing, immune system, blood pressure, cell growth and heart problems. Promotes relationship, love, acceptance, self control, guilt, forgiveness, harmony, peace, renewal and growth.
  • 192 Hz Throat Chakra  improves creativity, expression and  personal expansion. Helps  improve organization, communication and wisdom. Promote your ability to be honest and expressing your thoughts.
  • 144 Hz Third  Eye Chakra helps gain insight and intuition. Access higher consciousness and inner wisdom, help gain clarity and truth, develop psychic and extrasensory perception, help gain self-realization, fearlessness and self-confidence.
  • 216 Hz Crown Chakra develops union and connectedness with your higher self, spirituality and higher consciousness, purifies thoughts and feelings, bring honesty and pureness of decisions, promotes balanced judgements, unprejudiced decisions, wisdom, awareness and charisma, Also activates Pineal gland.



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